What Happens If You Don’t Remove Dentures at Night?

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what happens if you don't remove dentures at night

Dentures are a replacement for natural teeth patients might have lost due to poor oral health or an accident. If a patient is missing one or more teeth, they may benefit from dentures since this treatment will restore the function and enhance the appearance of smile. Your dentist in York may recommend dentures if you are interested in a removable solution to deal with any absent teeth.

There are many types of dentures for every unique dental case, and a dentist near you can assist you in deciding which form would work best for your unique case. Dentures can be partial or complete, depending on how many teeth a patient is missing. They will be custom-made to correctly fit over the patient’s gum line.

Dentures require good care to ensure their durability and function, as with natural teeth. There are different steps involved in taking care of dentures and your oral health if you have dentures. One of the most important parts of your routine with dentures should be removing them at night.

Importance of Removing Your Dentures at Night

After getting your customized dentures in York, you will need to adjust your routine to ensure both your mouth and dentures have time to heal. There are many health benefits to removing your dentures at night for both your oral health and the durability of the dentures.

The benefits of removing your dentures before you go to sleep include:

1) Enough time to soak them.

This step is important to remove bacteria and keep your device from drying up. Keeping your dentures clean and soaking them during the night will ensure they don’t irritate your gums or require a replacement sooner than necessary. We recommend soaking them in a special solution, and one of our dentists can advise you on which one is best for overnight use.

2) Decreased risk of pneumonia and other health issues.

Research has shown that patients who wore their dentures overnight had higher chances of contracting pneumonia. Furthermore, the study also found that many patients who do not remove their dentures experience tongue issues, excessive bacteria buildup, and gum inflammation. Plaque amalgamation can negatively affect patients’ health, and patients who do not clean their dentures may be more prone to such negative consequences.

3) Allow for saliva to clean your gums.

Having healthy gums is very important to promote general oral health and avoid potentially dangerous problems such as gum disease. At night, one of the main roles of our mouth’s saliva is to clean the gums and help keep them healthy. When dentures are removed, saliva can do its job, but keeping dentures overnight can interfere with this natural routine and your gum’s health.

Some patients may find it uncomfortable to sleep without their dentures and prefer keeping them on overnight. Some senior patients may also prefer to keep dentures on while sleeping. If this is the case, we recommend speaking to your dentist in York to find the best solution and ensure your oral health remains in good standing if you do not remove your dentures. The dentist may suggest gently brushing the gums twice a day to ensure they are as clean as possible.

Overall, removing and soaking your dentures while you sleep will ensure the denture’s durability and increase your oral health.

Interested in Dentures?

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