Dental Contouring Near You in Caledonia

If you have subtle imperfections that you are looking to correct, dental contouring in York, ON M6E 2K8 may be right for you! Dental contouring, also known as enameloplasty may be the ideal treatment if you have minor cosmetic dental issues. This procedure can quickly correct subtle imperfections such as slightly misshapen teeth. Contact our York dentist today to find out more about dental contouring in York!

dental contouring in york

How is the Procedure Performed?

Dental contouring is a fairly straightforward procedure. First, your York dentist will begin by removing a portion of your tooth enamel. This is done using dental tools like drills or lasers to change the shape of the teeth or lengthen them. Once the contouring step has been completed, the teeth are polished to enhance their appearance.

Dental contouring in Caledonia is an easy and effective way to enhance the look of your smile! Contact our dental clinic in York today to determine if you are the right candidate for dental contouring in York, ON M6E 2K8.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of dental contouring near you is that it provides patients with instant results. Typically, the entire procedure can be completed in less than 30 minutes. This means patients can achieve their desired results in only one short dental appointment. Also, because there are no nerves in the enamel, this procedure is painless. This is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from dental anxiety or are anxious about receiving cosmetic dental treatments.

Is Dental Contouring Right for You?

Dental contouring is an ideal procedure for patients with minor cosmetic dental problems. For example, if you’re overall satisfied with the appearance of your smile but wish your teeth were slightly shorter or more even in size, dental contouring may be the perfect solution. In cases where the teeth are extremely crooked, crowded, or misshapen, other cosmetic options may be recommended. If you are interested in dental treatment, contact our York dentist near you today.