Digital Radiographs Near You in Caledonia

Digital radiographs, also known as digital radiography, is a vital diagnostic tool. Hi-tech digital radiographs enable your York dentist to immediately view, enhance, and alter dental images on a large computer screen. State-of-the-art digital x-rays allow your dentist to diagnose and treat problems such as tooth decay, abscesses, gum disease

digital radiographs in york

Why Use Digital Radiographs?

Digital radiography provides a higher quality of dental care. A primary benefit of digital x-ray equipment is the reduction in radiation exposure. A common concern among patients is their amount of exposure to radiation. Unlike conventional radiography, digital radiography reduces patient’s radiation exposure by seventy-five percent or more.

How are Digital Radiographs Taken?

Capturing digital radiographs and traditional-style radiographs are similar. However, digital radiographs use a small electronic sensory which is placed in the mouth to record images rather than film bitewings. The digital images can be transferred wirelessly to a computer or the plate can be removed from the mouth and scanned with a specialized reader. The images are viewed on a computer screen and can be altered.

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