Wisdom Tooth Extractions Near You in Caledonia

Are you looking to receive wisdom tooth extractions in York, ON M6E 2K8? When necessary, we provide wisdom teeth extraction and thorough after-care. “Third molars”, or wisdom teeth, are the last molars to come through in the gums. If there is room in the gums and there are no alignment problems, the wisdom teeth may be allowed to erupt naturally. However, if there is no room to fit your third molars, other oral health issues may arise. Contact our dentist in York today to find out more about wisdom tooth extractions in Caledonia!

wisdom tooth extractions in york

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

When wisdom teeth become impacted due to lack of room or misplacement, they can cause a number of issues including pain, swelling, and stiffness, as well as orthodontic problems and more serious complications like cysts and tumours.

Most people develop their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early twenties. For some people, wisdom teeth never grow, and for others, wisdom teeth cause no problems. Unfortunately, a lot of people experience symptoms of their wisdom teeth emerging. Once all the teeth grow in, sometimes there is not enough space left in the jaw to fit more teeth. When wisdom teeth try to grow in, they can cause crowding and other problems with teeth alignment. In some instances, wisdom teeth cannot emerge at all, causing them to become impacted in the back of the mouth. We provide wisdom tooth extractions near you to prevent future oral health problems.

wisdom tooth removal near you

The Procedure

Our highly trained and experienced dentists use standard protocol when removing wisdom teeth. First, your dentist will take X-rays of your mouth to determine the best method of treatment. You will then be provided sedation so you do not feel pain during the procedure. Once the wisdom tooth is removed, your dentist will clean the treated area to ensure a smooth healing process. The recovery process varies from person to person however patients usually recover within a few days.

Our dental team will go over the proper care after the procedure to prevent pain and infection, including at-home instructions and follow-up appointments. Our comprehensive and compassionate care will ensure you have a successful procedure and recovery! If you are interested in receiving wisdom tooth extractions in York, ON M6E 2K8 contact our dental clinic today to request a consultation! At Caledonia Crosstown Dental, we are happy to provide wisdom tooth extractions in York!

If you have any concerns about receiving wisdom tooth extractions near you, please contact us.