Dental Bonding Near You in Caledonia

We provide dental bonding near you to repair decayed, chipped, fractured or discoloured teeth. During this procedure, the tooth-coloured composite resin is applied to the affected teeth. Bonding can be completed in just one single visit to your York dental clinic for instant results.

If you are interested in restoring a damaged or discolored tooth, contact our dental clinic in Caledonia to learn more about dental bonding in York!

dental bonding in york

What is it used for?

Bonding is one of the easiest and most inexpensive cosmetic dental procedures. The composite resin material used for bonding is shaped and polished to blend with surrounding teeth. In most cases, bonding is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the aesthetic appearance of discoloured or chipped teeth. Also, bonding near you can be used to fill gaps or spaces between the teeth, lengthen the teeth, or alter the shape or colour of the teeth.

In some cases, bonding is recommended as an alternative to amalgam fillings or to protect a portion of the tooth’s root that has been exposed due to gum recession.

How it’s Done

In order to select a composite resin colour that closely matches the colour of the tooth, your dentist will use a shade guide. Once the colour has been chosen, he or she will slightly abrade or etch the tooth’s surface to roughen it. Next, the tooth is coated in a conditioning liquid, which helps the bonding material attach.

When the tooth is prepared, your dentist in York, ON M6E 2K8 will apply the resin and harden it with an ultraviolet light or laser. He or she will then trim, shape and polish the material until it blends with the rest of the tooth’s surface. Typically, the entire procedure takes 30 minutes to one hour to complete. Are you searching for dental bonding in York, ON M6E 2K8? Contact our dental clinic in Caledonia today to request a consultation.