What Are the Best Brushing Techniques for Clean Teeth?

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what are the brushing techniques use for clean teeth

We are taught the importance of brushing after every meal to prevent cavities from a young age. Chances are, you have the habit of brushing each morning and evening to keep your gums strong and healthy. But have you ever wondered if you are using the right technique?

Brushing on its own is not enough; optimal oral health requires proper brushing. This includes knowing the right amount of toothpaste to use, along with the right motions to use. Our dentist near you has put together this article so that you can find out the right way to brush and protect your oral health for as long as possible.

#1 Hold the Toothbrush Correctly

Have you ever actually been taught the right way to hold your toothbrush? Holding your toothbrush parallel to your mouth won’t do the trick. The best way to hold your toothbrush is to hold it at a 45-degree angle, which allows you to point the bristles at the area where your teeth and gums meet and access the bacteria built up there.

#2 Use Gentle, Circular Motions

When you visit Caledonia Crosstown Dental for dental cleanings in York, your dental hygienist will remind you that the best way to brush is using gentle circles. Often, people scrub their teeth, either brushing horizontally back and forth or up and down. This does not effectively clean every tooth surface. Instead, be sure to remind yourself to use gentle, circular motions.

#3 Try the Bass Technique

The Bass technique is one of the most popularly recommended techniques for maintaining optimal oral health. The Bass method involves brushing under and around the gum line where plaque and bacteria tend to accumulate. With the Bass method, you can reach under the gums to scrub this bacteria and plaque off.

To implement the Bass technique, place the toothbrush parallel to your teeth, tilt the toothbrush to a 45-degree angle, and gently move the bristles under the gumline in a circular motion. When you are finished, make sure to brush the outer surface of your teeth and your tongue.

#4 Use the Right Toothbrush

To correctly brush your teeth, you need the proper tools. You can’t expect to be able to properly brush your teeth without the correct toothbrush. Ask your dentist in York to provide you with a soft-bristled toothbrush that has multi-level bristles. As well, ensure that you make it a habit to replace your toothbrush at least once every three to four months since worn bristles can hurt your gums and won’t effectively remove debris.

#5 Choose a Fluoride Toothpaste

The type of toothpaste you use is just as important as the type of toothbrush you use. When picking a toothpaste, opt for one with fluoride because fluoride toothpaste is very effective at removing plaque while strengthening your tooth enamel and keeping your breath smelling fresh.

Visit Caledonia Crosstown Dental

While brushing your teeth using the proper techniques and flossing daily is an excellent way to lower the number of bacteria in your mouth and prevent tooth decay, you also need to visit your dentist for professional dental cleanings near you at least once every six months. At Caledonia Crosstown Dental, we are happy to provide our patients with dental cleanings and education on the best oral hygiene practices.

Your oral health is of the utmost importance to our team.  If you are interested in learning more about maintaining optimal oral hygiene and a beautiful smile, please contact our clinic to book a consultation today.