What Are “All on 4” Dental Implants?

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what are all on 4 dental implants

If you are missing multiple teeth on one or both arches, are you considering dentures or bridges? For many people, traditional dentures have provided an economical and effective solution for the loss of multiple teeth, albeit a solution with some significant downsides.

Many people experience some dissatisfaction with dentures, though they’ve certainly come a long way from dentures of yore. Are you concerned about having to remove your dentures, discomfort, poor fit, changes to your gums and bone structure over time, or about having to give up favourite foods? If you’re looking for a solution to your tooth loss that also eliminates all those issues, “All on 4” dental implants may be just what you’re looking for.

What are All on 4 dental implants?

All on 4 (AO4) implants are a series of implants placed in the jaw of one or both arches. Those implants are made of three parts: a titanium screw that is planted into your jaw; an abutment that connects the implant to the final restoration; and the final restoration — in this case, the denture or bridge. Thanks to a natural biological process called osseointegration, those implants will bond powerfully with your natural bone tissue so that they’ll provide all the support you need to anchor your dentures.

Once the implants have completely taken hold, your dentist in York will attach a custom-made denture (or set of dentures) to the implants via the abutment. Unlike traditional dentures that sit on your gum tissue and need to be removed at night, dentures attached with AO4 implants are permanently positioned in your mouth. While AO4 implants are often used to support dentures on one or both arches in case of total tooth loss, they can also support dental bridges on one or both arches in case of partial tooth loss. Whether used to support a bridge or a denture, AO4 implants work the same way.

What are the benefits of AO4 dental implants?

If you are considering being fit for AO4 dental implants in York, you should understand the benefits of them.

  • If you’re choosing between AO4 implants to support a denture or bridge and no teeth at all, AO4 implants will completely restore your dental function
  • Resolving edentulousness will allow you to eat properly again and will contribute to improved health and weight
  • Resolving edentulousness will return structure and support to the parts of your face around your mouth to eliminate the sunken appearance that can emerge over time and that artificially adds years to your apparent age
  • If you’re choosing between A04 implants to support a denture or bridge and removable dentures, A04 dentures will provide permanent and secure support for dentures that will eliminate the need to remove traditional dentures daily and the sensation of a loose or unstable fit
  • The secure grip provided by the implant-abutment mechanism will completely restore your ability to eat naturally without sacrificing any favourite meals.

Are A04 dental implants right for you?

Because A04 dental implants offer a quick and economical solution for missing teeth and the worst characteristics of dentures, they are becoming increasingly popular. They are not, however, the right solution for every person.

To be successful, AO4 implants require sufficient bone volume in your front jawbone and your molar area — the areas where the implants would be replaced. To find out if you have sufficient bone volume and are a good candidate for AO4 implants, you should arrange an appointment with a dentist in York that specializes in implants and has experience with AO4 implants in particular. A dentist near you will be able to assess your medical history, jaw anatomy, and dental condition to confirm whether AO4 implants are appropriate and to identify alternative solutions for your needs.