These are Not Your Grandfather’s Dentures

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those are not your grandfathers dentures

Dentures have been around for so long and are so common that you may think there’s nothing left to know or new to hear. Perhaps you’ve written off utilitarian and clunky looking dentures as a solution for your own tooth loss issues. Think again.

These are not your grandfather’s dentures. Modern materials, techniques, and technologies have revolutionized the practice of designing dentures in York. Modern dentures are a natural-appearing solution to many people’s tooth loss issues. If you want to tell people you’re wearing dentures, that’s your business and nothing to be ashamed of. But with today’s modern and advanced dentures, people may never find out otherwise.

Today’s modern dentures deliver four essential benefits and several features that surpass your natural teeth. Take a few minutes to learn about these benefits and features. Maybe they’ll open the door to a promising solution for your tooth loss.

Four essential benefits provided by dentures

They restore smiles

Compared to the functional benefits to follow, this may seem like a small point but you know how hard it is to live — sheepishly and self-consciously — with conspicuous tooth loss. With modern dentures, it will no longer be or feel necessary to hide your smile behind a hand, or to avoid special occasions or intimate moments.

They help you eat better

Eating without teeth, or with teeth that are misaligned or weak and badly decayed can be a frustrating and unsatisfying experience. It can even contribute to malnutrition and poor health if the absence or condition of your teeth has forced you to forgo nutritional foods like fruits and vegetables. If you want pudding, eat pudding; but with modern dentures and after a period of adjustment, you can eat what you want —and have pudding for dessert.

They’ll help you to speak properly

Depending on how long you have been living with tooth loss, you may not even notice the impact it has had on your speech patterns. Your teeth play an important role in your ability to make many sounds and to be able to project and present a confident and credible appearance. This may be especially important depending on your career and personal interests. Once you get used to your new dentures, you’ll be able to speak — and even sing —all the sounds of the alphabet again.

They’ll give you back years

Seriously. Persistent tooth loss prematurely ages you by causing your face to acquire a sunken appearance. The longer that you live without teeth, the more bone mass you are likely to lose in your jaw and cheeks. That loss of bone mass produces a hollow sunken-cheeked appearance. Modern removable dentures can fill out that sunken appearance. Better still, dentures anchored with titanium implants can even stimulate and maintain your jaw’s bone density.

How are dentures in York better than natural teeth?

It sounds like the opening line of a joke, but it’s not. Modern dentures are superior to your natural teeth in a few ways. While it’s unlikely that anyone would willingly give up their natural teeth in favour of dentures for any reason, they’re reasons to feel good about your choice to investigate how dentures near you can help you achieve your goals.

So, how are dentures better? They’re whiter than the stained teeth you remember and can be kept that way. They’re more evenly spaced than your natural teeth were, without having to wear aligners.  And, finally, you won’t need contouring, veneers or any other cosmetic dentistry options to achieve teeth with a consistent shape and size. Every denture features teeth ideally shaped and sized to suit your face and jaw.

If you’ve written off dentures as a solution for your tooth loss because of old memories or dated assumptions, give yourself the benefit of a few minutes of reconsideration. Modern dentures in York deliver benefits and offer features that may help meet your needs and bring you closer to your goals. Contact a dentist near you and ask if dentures are right for you.