West Toronto Dental Restoration

Dental restoration services are offered, such as fillings, crowns, and bridges.

It happens to us all. Whether you're the type to see a dentist twice a year or avoid one until you need it, dental restoration is a reality for most of us over the years. Restorations can range from minor work, such as fillings, to major work, such as bridges, but all the procedures share the common goal of making your smile both its healthiest and most attractive by restoring form as well as function.


It's a bit of a sinking feeling when you feel the dentist find a cavity, isn't it? We all hope for a cavity-free dental exam, but those little holes can show up for anyone at anytime. Luckily, with today's modern technology, repairing cavities has never been easier. From silver amalgam to composite resin, we'll provide you with the fillings you need to make your teeth as good as new.

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When a straightforward filling isn't enough to restore a tooth to its required shape and form, your dentist may recommend a crown. A crown completely covers a tooth, providing the structure and support the natural tooth can no longer give. With modern advances, crowns are a reliable and natural-looking replacement option.

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An inlay is similar to a crown in that it covers a tooth in order to restore it, but goes a step further as it is molded to fit precisely within the contours of the tooth. The inlay is just that: a restoration that is laid directly into the tooth, filling in the spaces left due to damage and decay. Inlays are best used in teeth that need more than a filling, but less than a total crown.


Onlays follow the same procedure as inlays, but are used when more extensive coverage is needed. The onlay covers more of the tooth structure, fitting down over the edges - right down to the gum if necessary. The final product is both effective and attractive, with a natural look and feel.


Bridges are used to restore a missing tooth or teeth when the gap is surrounded by healthy, natural teeth. The dental appliance literally creates a bridge over the gap, anchored on either side, and filling in the space with as many artificial teeth as needed. A bridge not only restores a natural-looking smile, it also prevents the remaining teeth from shifting in the gums and leading to further issues, making it a smart investment in your oral health.

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Whether you have a small cavity or require an entire tooth replaced via a bridge, we are here to help you understand your options and provide the care necessary to keep your smile intact.

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