When to expect baby teeth to make an appearance

It’s exciting the first time your child smiles or rolls over, and cutting their first tooth is one of the biggest milestones of their babyhood.

When exactly do babies get all of their baby teeth? Well, it varies from baby to baby, but here is a general guideline:

5-8 months: The two bottom front teeth (central incisors)

8-10 months: The four upper incisors

10-16 months: Lower lateral incisors, plus the first baby molars

16-22 months: The “eye teeth” or “canines” (cuspids)

24-42 months (two years to three-and-a-half years): All 20 baby teeth have finished arriving

A baby usually gets their first tooth when they’re between five and eight months old, but you need to be caring for their smile before that point. Even very young babies need to have their gums wiped with a damp washcloth after feedings.

Once your child cuts their first tooth, keep it clean by continuing to wipe it. When the tooth has fully erupted, brush it twice a day using a toothbrush designed for little mouths — soft bristles, a rounded head, and a child-sized handle.

Don’t forget the toothpaste — yes, even for a baby! You can buy specially formulated toothpaste for children under two. It’s non-foaming and doesn’t contain fluoride, so it’s safe for little ones. Just use a tiny pea-sized amount, and start brushing!

Taking care of your child’s teeth is an important routine that will quickly become second nature for both of you. If you have any questions, just give us a call here at the practice. Happy Brushing!

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