Benefits of Dental Bridges

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benefits of dental bridges

If you are missing some teeth and your dentist in York has suggested a dental bridge, you might be wondering about the benefits of choosing this dental restoration. As its name suggests, a dental bridge fills the gap created by missing teeth and restores the appearance and function of your smile. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing dental bridges near you.

Many Types of Bridges

Currently, there are four different available types of dental bridges in York that you can choose from. Each type of dental bridge comes with its own advantages that your dentist can help you identify. Most of them involve the use of dental crowns to hold the false teeth in the correct position. One solution involves the use of dental implants. Depending on the location of your missing teeth, the health of your gums, and your budget, your dentist will recommend the best dental bridge for your needs.

Simple Installation

When you visit Caledonia Crosstown Dental for a dental bridge, you can look forward to a relatively easy installation process. Dental bridges are made to look exactly like your natural teeth and can even match the texture and shade of your surrounding natural teeth. Our dentist near you can provide you with a clearer idea of how long it will take to complete the installation process and what you must do in terms of aftercare.

Immediate Results

If you currently have missing teeth, chances are you haven’t smiled much, or when you do, it is with your mouth closed or your hand hovering over your mouth. Once you have received your dental bridge, you can smile broadly and confidently from the very first day. Dental bridges are very natural-looking, so only you will know that you have one. There will be no more hiding your grin from those around you, and you can laugh out loud without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

Long-Lasting Results

Dental bridges are created to last patients for a long amount of time. It is not unusual for dental bridges to last for upwards of fifteen years. As long as you take good care of your dental bridge, it will not stain or become damaged. If you do happen to crack your bridge by biting into something hard, you can rest assured that our dentist can easily fix the problem.

Simple and Stress-Free Care

One of the best things about dental bridges is that they do not require any special care, unlike other restorations such as dentures. A dental bridge can be treated with the same care you provide to your natural teeth. This means thoroughly brushing your teeth and bridge twice a day and flossing at least once daily. You should also visit our team of dedicated dental professionals at Caledonia Crosstown Dental for professional dental cleanings and checkups at least once every six months. Our dentist will check your dental bridge for any signs of wear or gum irritation at this examination.

Dental bridges are one of the most popular dental restorations offered by our dentist. Speak to our team today to determine if a dental bridge is right for you and which type is best for your needs. We are happy to walk you through each step of the process and address any questions or concerns about the procedure. With dental bridges, you can get your smile and confidence back in no time!