5 Tips for Eating with New Dentures

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5 tips for eating with new dentures

Dentures are a solution that’s especially useful for people that have lost several teeth. If you’re looking to get dentures near you or if you just got them, you need to learn a few tips and tricks.

You’ll need to take a couple of things into consideration regarding your diet. This is because there can be an adjustment period in which you’ll need to take certain measures to ensure everything will go smoothly. Here are some very useful tips for you to undergo this process in the easiest possible way.

1. Never give up

This is something to keep in mind at all times. We know it can be frustrating at first, as you’re not used to wearing dentures. However, focus on all the positive things. You can smile openly, they look perfectly natural, and you can eat your meals! Even though it’s difficult to do at first, in no time you’ll be asking for your favourite dish at your go-to restaurant.

However, keep in mind that if you feel too much discomfort or pain, you can always go to a dentist near you. It’s better to verify that everything is well and the dentures are properly fitted than to endure unnecessary discomfort.

2. Make things easier for you and start with liquids

Right after you leave your dental office in York things are going to be a bit difficult. This is because your mouth is adapting. There might be some discomfort, and it might even interfere with your speech. Therefore, you should follow a liquid-only diet. It doesn’t have to be strictly liquid. You can also eat mashed things, such as mashed potatoes. Other soft things you can eat are scrambled eggs, yogurt, and different soups. Just make sure there’s nothing chunky in the soup and no cereals or nuts in the yogurt.

Your food, even if liquid, shouldn’t be too hot. You should be especially careful with soups. This is because there can be a certain degree of sensation loss immediately after you get your dentures. Therefore, you might inadvertently hurt yourself. It’s better to prevent this by simply sticking to lower temperatures.

3. Chew slowly

Once you start introducing more solid foods, you should try to chew as slowly as possible. This is part of the process of getting dentures in York. This helps you adjust further to going back to eating solid items. Furthermore, you’ll avoid any possibilities of choking because you’re not used to eating with dentures. A recommendation the dentist near you might make is for you to try to chew everything at least 10 times. That way, you’ll make sure things are properly chewed before swallowing.

4. Food distribution

Sometimes, you might have the feeling that an area of your denture is more stable than others. This might make you want to chew only on that side. This is a mistake, as you will only lengthen the adjustment period. It’s better to distribute the food as evenly as possible. By doing this, you’ll get used to your dentures sooner.

5. Smaller pieces are key

One of the main things you should do is cut your food into smaller bites. This is especially true when you’re transitioning from liquids to solids. The goal is to take the smallest bites possible. Something to consider after getting dentures in York is biting into things. You should avoid doing this and instead, always cut things. It’s much safer.

Getting used to wearing dentures is a process that can take a bit of time. However, with patience and determination, you’ll be successful at it, and you’ll get to enjoy your new smile.