5 Signs that Show You Need an Emergency Dentist

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5 signs that show you need an emergency dentist

Facing any dental emergency such as damages to your teeth through some misfortune or an injury to your gums can be quite dangerous. An emergency dentist in York cautions that such occurrences shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ignoring it can result in some serious dental health problems. You may permanently damage your teeth or gums, which will eventually lead to emergency dental treatment in any event.

We all face situations where you mistakenly bite into something hard, or you went out playing with your children only to find that your tooth either gets knocked out or loosens somehow. That is when you urgently need to get hold of an emergency dentist or clinic who will be able to slot you in between other appointments they have for the day.

Most dental emergencies people face these days turn out to be very painful and should be seen to as quickly as possible, not just to ease the pain but to prevent further damage.

Signs to Show You Are in Need of Emergency Dental Care

When should you see an emergency dentist? It can be hard to tell at the best of times. Following are five telltale signs that you need to visit an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible:

  1. Broken Tooth: In cases where your tooth is just chipped with no real pain, then you do not need the services of an emergency dentist. However, when you’ve either knocked out or broken a permanent tooth that caused severe pain, seeking urgent care will help manage the pain and possibly save your tooth. The best way to save a knocked-out tooth is to place it in milk until a dentist near you can come to your aid.
  2. Unexplained Toothache: Severe or persistent toothache is usually a sign of infection or gum disease. When minor, you may be able to treat it at home. But, if severe, you should call an emergency dentist right away. Worst-case scenario, you are experiencing an abscessed tooth. One way to tell for sure is to check your gums for any bumps near the tooth in trouble.
  3. Bleeding Gums: Do not think it is normal for gums to bleed soon after flossing. It may very well be a sign of imminent gum disease or gingivitis. Once the bleeding becomes extreme and you notice a continual blood flow, it is time to see your dentist. It could be periodontal disease.
  4. Swollen Jaw or Mouth: When you discover your jaw or mouth is swollen, it is possible that you have swollen lymph nodes, infection, or in very severe cases, cancer. As there is no way to tell for sure what causes a swollen mouth or jaw, rather make an appointment with a dentist in York.
  5. Metal Taste in Your Mouth: When it tastes like there are pennies in your mouth, it is often a sign that your filling or crown is loose. You should see your emergency dentist without fail, as open fillings may result in cavities and infection. By putting it off going to a dentist, the chances are good you’ll need an emergency treatment such as a root canal.

In Need of Immediate Dental Care?

You never know when you’ll experience some abnormality in your mouth, gums, or teeth. It would benefit you to find emergency dental care experts such as Caledonia Crosstown Dental Centre. Early detection of any problem should be dealt with immediately to ensure excellent overall wellbeing and oral health. Schedule your appointment today! It is that important. You will be glad you did as optimum oral health counts for a lot these days.