West Toronto Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening provides cosmetic improvement in a smile's appearance.

At Caledonia Crosstown Dental Centre, we love to see you smile! That's why we offer teeth whitening procedures, to help you keep your smile looking its whitest and brightest. Whether you're looking for a major difference or just want a little lift, we have the whitening options you need. Teeth whitening is a popular procedure nowadays, partly because whitening is faster and easier than ever.

Your teeth may be stained or dingy due to age, certain foods, smoking, or even side effects from some prescription medications. Teeth whitening is an easy and inexpensive way to renew the look of your smile. The dentist will help you match the shade of your teeth, and discuss the procedure with you. You can choose to have your teeth whitened in the office under our watchful eyes, or at home over a longer period of time. Whichever method you choose, the treatments are safe, convenient, and will give you the results you want in less time than you might think!

If you think your smile could use a makeover, ask us about teeth whitening. We're certain you'll leave smiling!

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