West Toronto Root Canal

Endodontics, or root canal therapy, assists patients with issues affecting the dental pulp.

Endodontic treatment involves the pulp of the tooth (the tissues inside the root) and the surrounding area. As the root rests below the gumline, dentists must be specially trained in endodontic care, and we take pride in offering this service with the same confidence and compassion as all our treatments.

The root of the tooth is composed of the firm outer tooth material and the interior channel, filled with soft pulpy tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. When a tooth is cracked or fractured, or there’s a deep cavity, bacteria can get into the pulp and cause infection. When that happens, it’s necessary to remove the infected pulp in order to save the structure of the tooth. The dentist removes the pulp of the tooth and fills in the root, stopping decay in its tracks and preserving the tooth.

With our specialized care and attention,there’s no need to be nervous when you hear the words “root canal”. Caledonia Crosstown Dental is here to give you the treatment you need and prevent further pain and tooth loss.

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